Meeting Planners

The SCCC is proud to have expert staff ready to meet your needs. Providing superior customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Our event staff is experienced, dedicated and ready to assist you in planning every detail for your convention, conference, meeting or banquet needs. The following list of information should aid you in planning your next event with us.



The SCCC is equipped with (2) Automated External Defibrillators. Locations include: main level Front Lobby (N.E. Entrance) and upper level Landing.


Only trained service dogs/service dogs in training, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and animals that are an integral part of the approved show are permitted in the building. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability. Dogs or therapy animals whose function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals according to the ADA, even with a doctor’s note. Service animals must be under the control of the individual at all times and must be housebroken.

Address & Phone Number

415 First Avenue
Seaside OR, 97138


All guests, regardless of age, must present a valid ID during every transaction to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Audio Visual Services

To view Audio Visual Services, Privileges & Limitations click here.

For detailed AV Specifications click here.

Accessibility Information

The SCCC meets or exceeds all structural and service requirements as stipulated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Following services are available to accommodate the needs of our guests with disabilities:

  • Assistive Listening Devices: ALD are available for loan at the administrative offices.
  • Accessible Parking: Designated parking is available for those with Disabled Person Parking Permits along 1st Ave in front of the Convention Center.
  • Accessible Seating: Seating locations vary depending on particular events. Please indicate when organizing your event if you require accessible seating.


Bag Check, Inspection and Searches

All guests entering SCCC may be subjected to a voluntary bag or clothing search. The search is voluntary because the guest can refuse, but that guest will not be permitted entry to the event. If contraband is found during a search the guests will be asked to return it to their vehicle or discard it.

Banners and Signs

Banners are allowed inside the SCCC for most events; however they must be approved with the SCCC event coordinator prior to being installed. Installation/hanging/removal of banners and signs is the responsibility of the client renting the facility.

Baby Changing Areas

Baby changing stations are located in both of the Family Restrooms. These restrooms are located on the west side of the upper level near the Sunset Room.


Helium balloons are prohibited inside the SCCC.



Oregon Fine Foods, Inc is the exclusive caterer for SCCC. Please call (503) 440-0537 for assistance.

Camera Policy

The following rules are general and can be overridden based on a specific request from the attraction or promoter:
Concerts and other Events: The Event Promoter reserves the right to deny camera use at any time during or before the concert and to prohibit the use of any camera that is deemed unacceptable. Cameras with a detachable lens or lenses of more than two inches are prohibited from all SCCC concerts. The use of flash photography is also prohibited.


Oregon Fine Foods, Inc is the SCCC exclusive food and beverage service provider. Concessions services are available upon request. Please call (503) 440-0537 for assistance.


Directions – From Airport

Directions from Portland International Airport (Click Here)

• Take Airport Way to I-205 S

• Follow I-205 S toward PORTLAND/I-84/SALEM, merge onto I-84 W

• Take the I-5 S exit on the left toward SALEM, merge onto I-5 S

• Take the I-405 exit on the left toward US-26/BEAVERTON/CITY CENTER

• Merge onto I-405 N

• Take the US-26 W/12th Ave. exit, exit number 1D, toward Beaverton

• Merge onto US-26 W, follow US-26 W to Hwy 101 junction

•” Turn right onto Hwy 101 N and follow the signs to Seaside

• Turn left at First Ave. Facility is located at 415 First Ave

Directions – From Salem

Directions from Salem, Oregon I-5 North (Click Here)

• Take I-5 N toward Portland, OR

• Take the OR-217 exit, exit #292, toward TIGARD/BEAVERTON

• Keep right at the fork in the ramp

• Merge onto OR-217 N

• Take the US-26 W exit on the left toward TILLAMOOK/ASTORIA

• Merge onto US-26 W, follow US-26 W to Hwy 101 junction

• Turn right onto Hwy 101 N and follow the signs to Seaside

• Turn left at First Ave. Facility is located at 415 First Ave

Directions – From Seattle

Directions from Seattle, Washington I-5 South (Click Here)

  • In Longview, take Exit 36 (A & B) to Talley Way/Longview. Stay to the left and take Exit 36B to Longview onto WA-432 West
  • From WA-432 West take 3rd Ave/WA-411/WA-432 exit
  • Turn left onto 3rd Ave toward Port Longview/Oregon/WA-432/WA-4
  • Turn left onto WA-433/Oregon Way toward Oregon/US 30
  • Stay to the left and cross over Lewis & Clark Bridge toward Oregon 30
  • On other side of bridge merge right onto US 30 West toward Clatskanie/Astoria
  • After passing through Astoria, enter the roundabout and follow HWY 101 S to Warrenton/Seaside
  • In Seaside, turn right off of HWY 101 South onto 1st Ave. At the stop sign go straight and cross the bridge. The Seaside Civic & Convention Center will be located on your left



The SCCC has (2) public elevators:

The elevator in the Main Lobby at the NE Entrance accesses the east side of the Upper Level, including: the Landing, Riverside Rooms, Seaside Rooms and the Sunrise Room.

The elevator near the West Entrance accesses the west side of the Upper Level, including: the Mezzanine, Sunset Room, Sand Dollar Rooms and 2 Family Restrooms.



Guests, including law enforcement personnel not in a working capacity, are prohibited from bringing weapons into the SCCC. Weapons may not be checked in at the administrative offices. Weapons include but are not limited to the following: firearms, ammunition, explosives, stun guns, handcuffs, brass knuckles, sticks, clubs, batons, martial arts instruments, pepper spray, tear gas and knives.

Food and Beverage, Bottles and Cans

Guests are not permitted to bring any outside food or beverages into the SCCC.

First Aid

The SCCC does not provide first aid services. Please dial 911 in case of emergency, then notify Seaside Civic & Convention Center Staff.


Guest Conduct

The SCCC intends to provide our guests with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Therefore, we have established the following rules regarding guest conduct:

“Guests interfering with other guest’s ability to enjoy the event may be asked to leave.”

“Guests using foul or abusive language or gestures may be asked to leave.”


Hazardous Chemicals & Materials

Hazardous chemicals or materials that, in the judgment of the SCCC General Manager, would or might cause damage to the Center, endanger the life or cause bodily injury to any person in the Center are not allowed without prior written approval of the SCCC General Manager and appropriate authorities of the City of Seaside. If materials are questionable, contact your SCCC Event Coordinator for further information.



The licensee is required to maintain liability, bodily injury, and property damage insurance in full force and affect during use and occupation of the facility. In addition to the licensee, the City of Seaside and it’s employees and agents thereof are required to be named as additional insured. For meetings consisting of 40-100 attendees, the policy should not be less than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000). Meetings exceeding 100+ attendees are required to provide coverage in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) single limit covering bodily injury, personal liability, and property damage arising out of or in any way connected with the licensee’s agreement. The licensee is required to furnish the SCCC General Manager a copy of the policy or certificate of insurance to be in full force and effect during the term of the event. This policy is due (30) days prior to occupancy. The licensee will not be required to provide insurance coverage for meetings of up to 40 attendees unless catering and/or alcoholic beverages are served. In this case, the licensee will provide coverage in the amount of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000). Note: All usage, regardless of the number of attendees, involving the Pacific, Necanicum, or combination of either must provide one million dollars ($1,000,000) insurance coverage.


Lost Children / Persons

Children should be told to contact nearest SCCC staff member should they become lost. Lost children will be taken to the administrative offices. Parents looking for a lost child should go to this location as well.

Lost and Found

Guests who wish to claim or report lost articles should contact the administrative offices. Guests who would like to inquire about items lost at a previous event should call the administrative office during regular business hours at 503-738-8585.


To view Livestreaming Services & Limitations click here.




To view a detailed stage Lighting Description please click here. To view an actual “Light Plot” of the stage, click here.

Load In / Out

The SCCC provides a load in door next to the Necanicum room. Door is 11’4″ W and 11’4″ H. Other load-in areas include the front entrance (5′ 10″ W and 6′ 9″ H) and the SW exit (5’10” W and 6′ 9″ H) which is accessible by ramp.


Please click here to download our full color logo. For a black and white logo click here. If you would like a full color, “knocked out” version, click here. If you require file formats other than those provided above please email Note: Once image file pops up, right click on the file and “Save Image As”



Click here to view a Walking Map of downtown Seaside, compliments of the Seaside Downtown Development Association!


Police and Security

For your safety and convenience, security personnel are available upon request. If you have an emergency, please notify the nearest SCCC staff member immediately.


Photography services are available upon request.


Free parking is available for our clients and guests. Parking is located on First Avenue just west of the convention center.

Questions regarding parking should be directed to the administrative offices 503-738-8585.


Shipping & Receiving

When shipping items to the Seaside Civic & Convention Center for your event, use the following address:


Seaside Civic & Convention Center

c/o Your Name & Event Name

415 1st Ave

Seaside, OR  97138


Our delivery acceptance hours are 8am-5pm M-F, holidays may have modified office pick up or delivery availability. Shipped items may be delivered no sooner than 72 hours prior to building occupancy. A storage fee of $75.00/day will commence for all items left beyond 48 hours of conclusion of occupancy.


When shipping items back post-event, it is the responsibility of the client to attach shipping labels and/or bill of lading to any items being shipped, bring items to be shipped to the Administration office, and call the shipper (UPS, FedEx, etc.) for a pick-up. Neither the Seaside Civic & Convention Center nor its employees shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury to property.


Smoking and e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited inside the SCCC and within 15 feet of all entrance and exit points. A designated smoking area will be determined for all ticketed events.


Transportation From PDX

Public transportation from the Portland International Airport (PDX) to Seaside involves 2 steps:


  1. From PDX, take the Trimet MAX Light Rail Red Line toward Beaverton, then get off at the Sunset Transit Center. Visit for maps, schedules and fees. There is a ticket kiosk at PDX to purchase a MAX ticket onsite. The MAX runs approximately every 20 minutes.


  1. From Sunset Transit Center, board the Point bus to Seaside (refer to the NorthWest route). Visit for routes, schedules and ticket information (tickets are sold by Amtrak). Tickets should be purchased in advance on the Amtrak website, or at the locations listed on the Point website. The Point generally only runs once or twice daily.


Visitor Information

Visitor information is available at the Seaside Visitors Bureau located at the northeast corner of Hwy 101 & Broadway. They offer maps, brochures, and information for short trips to take while you enjoy your stay. Their toll free number is 1-888-306-2326; local number is (503) 738-3097.


Vehicles are permitted inside the SCCC for car shows and exhibits; please contact your event coordinator for specific fire code regulations.



In June of 2016, we upgraded our internet to a high-speed, fiber optic system that offers symmetrical upload and download speeds of 300/300 Mbps. Our complimentary Wi-Fi now produces speeds that are up to 200% faster than anything we’ve been able to offer before.